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Granite Surfaces

Granite is in fashion and hard wearing

Granite worktops are in fashion right now, whether for a bathroom or a kitchen.


The reason people want them are either about the way they look – they come in several colours and not just the black and grey dotted pattern you might associate with them – or because they last longer than any other surface, such as a wooden worktop in a kitchen.


At CD Sherrin, we have many years of experience installing, among other surfaces, granite worktops or bathroom sink surfaces, with splashbacks which many people don’t necessarily think about.


In recent times, we have been able to go on an instruction course in order to learn about this product and work with the specialist tools needed to install granite. This means you can now come to us for a one-stop shop instead of us having to subcontract the work to other people, because we are trained to install these products whether you choose them from B&Q, Wickes, Travis Perkins or Howdens Joinery.


Like other kinds of worktops, granite comes with anti-scratch material so that it will last for a lifetime.